Vancouver Heritage Hall

Vancouver Heritage Hall

Vancouver Heritage Hall weddingVancouver Heritage Hall wedding reception followed already a perfect first day of this fun to work with couple. Shahzia and Mohammed had theirs second formal session captured at False creek and Olympic village. Quite an epic location after 2010 Olympic games. The light was let’s put it this way horrible at this late afternoon, harsh and painful which made me work even harder to create some different images from this popular destination for wedding couples. Even though the coupe was a bit behind with their arrival these are couple of images what we had photographed within and hour of our formals in here.

w_5PP3638 w_5PP3927 w_5PP3830 w_6PP3400 w_6PP3364 w_6PP3378 w_5PP4107 w_5PP3754 w_5PP3783 Vancouver Heritage Hall wedding

If you know Vancouver heritage Hall then the architecture from shots from here should look familiar to you. Very scenic from inside and outside, and even though the couple did not plan to do any epic portrait editorial wedding pictures here, there was plenty of candid ones captured. Here the bride and groom are competing who will be the first who breaks the clay and Mohammed with a bit of trick claimed the gold medal here. And as a gentleman helped Shahzia to break her one by holding her hand and keep her high heel balance.

w_6PP3448 Vancouver Heritage Hall wedding w_5PP4225 w_5PP4206 Vancouver Heritage Hall wedding w_5PP4425 w_6PP3517 w_6PP3519 Vancouver Heritage Hall wedding

East Indian weddings are all about family and people and great food. And this would not be any exception. Both families from the first day we had a chance to get to know them were so easy going we had a blast to work with them. I usually advice the couple notify the guests  if they would like to have portraits done simply come and ask me. And I really love when people get this and are not shy to ask. I am the photographer and I love what I do, photograph people. So the family portrait session took a place at the Vancouver Heritage Hall just after the dinner and it was a great fun for all of us. Most of the guests knew me from the first day so this was an easy fun evening for everyone and as I mentioned with a great food around not just the appetite for spiciness rises up. I am so glad guests were approaching me and I could create some great memories for their to carry home from this beautiful venue at Vancouver Heritage Hall.

w_6PP3916 w_6PP3730 w_6PP3967 Vancouver Heritage Hall wedding Vancouver Heritage Hall wedding w_6PP4092 w_6PP4192 w_6PP4130 w_6PP4159 w_6PP4216 Vancouver Heritage Hall wedding

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Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding

Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding

Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding

Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding in Richmond BC was for myself and my wife Maria a great experience. We had done East Indian weddings before but none of them was at Shia Muslim Community Centre. And just because the traditions this wedding took place during two days and at two different locations I have decided to split this post to two single events. Why? Well the amount of beautiful images with this fun to work couple would be a shame not to display. Enjoy.

w_6PP2231 w_6PP2221 w_6PP2242 w_6PP2261 Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding

Bride leaving parents house is a tradition which is very similar for many religions and cultures. Shahzia contacted me last year if I would be available to photograph her wedding day and she had a special request right at the beginning. She needed two photographers. Being more precise besides myself she needed Maria my wife to cover her female ceremony where I was not allowed. Despite our newborn son and all the logistics around him being sick on the weekend of the shoot we managed everything and here is a selection of the images how the day went from the getting ready shots of the bride all the way to night formals session at Canada Place.

w_6PP2184 w_6PP2021 Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding w_5PP2345 w_5PP2311 w_5PP2302 Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding

The first time I had a chance to meet the groom who was from Quebec, was when Maria disappeared with bride behind the ladies entrance of the mosque and I walked into gentleman part. And just to make it even more curios, the ceremony started and no one has pointed me who the groom was. Man sitting and praying around the main preacher, and I was just waiting for a sign who is the man. It did not take a long time and the main door opened and two young men walked in. So now it became clear that the best man and groom entered the place. Now which one was it. The MC helped me a big way when he pointed out the groom was in blue.

w_6PP2306 w_5PP2685 w_5PP2739 w_5PP2662 w_5PP2668 w_5PP2724 w_5PP2695

And when the main ceremony was over, we hit the road and headed to Vancouver gas-town for some creative portrait session. We were slightly behind with the schedule but we had a beautiful light to work with. Love the late evening sessions, so much diversity and techniques can be used at that time.

w_5PP2958 w_5PP2963 w_6PP2930 w_5PP3050 w_5PP3075 w_5PP3086 Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding w_5PP3180 w_6PP2984

And when the dusk took over the sky despite the local security guard who asked us to stop shooting due to a permit restrictions at the Harbour Tower we had an amazing evening behind us. And the images? Well, judge them as you wish, we really enjoyed those minutes out there.

w_5PP3127 Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding w_5PP3472 w_6PP3053 w_6PP3085 w_6PP3167

Thank you Shahzia and Mohamed for being so easy going couple. Your wedding reception images and second formal session from False creek will be available for you soon here.

Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding w_5PP3522 w_5PP3565 Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding

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Light house park engagement

Light house park engagement

Light house park engagementThe time has come and 2014 weddings season is already in full speed. And it is only the end of March. Adam and Heather are going to wait couple more months before theirs big day comes. And just because they happen to live up north in Yukon, I was very pleased when they booked us to be their wedding photographers. To organize a wedding and everything around it from such a far distance takes time so did our engagement session planning. We moved the dates couple times and finally on one sunny day in March we met at the Light house park in West Vancouver and could do a fun filled engagement shoot. And to make it even more fun, Charlie, young puppy was accompanying us during it and had a blast from my point of view :)

w_4PP1804 w_6PP1597 w_4PP1404 Light house park engagementThe late afternoon light was bouncing from the ocean to our eyes so after couepl days of rain it was a joy to be out there and enjoy it. Every portrait session is different but these guys were so spontaneous I had a really simply work to do :) just to take great pictures. Being relaxed and trusting the photographer is a key at the wedding day. That is why I include engagements session in all our wedding collections. You get to know me and specially you stop staring at long lenses attached to my cameras like they were sniper rifles. Just being yourself is enough for beautiful emotional pictures so if you need to have a shot of a tequila before that, juts do it. I do not know what Adam and Heather likes to taste but they were pretty relax and the only crazy person running around was Charlie and of course me trying to capture him :)

w_6PP1632 w_6PP1634 w_6PP1638 Light house park engagementLuckily the leash was quite short so we had some nice moments and were barking from time to time on each other. I mean, I had no idea we will have a dog on the stage and when Heather told me they have him with them, i had a winning combo in my sleeve for a real atmosphere shots of them with the puppy. I had shot couples sessions on bikes, snowshoeing, skiing, driving in antique convertibles, swinging on playgrounds all sort of fun activities when adults stop being adults and enjoy themselves like we used to do it as kids. To break that stiffness we kind of grew up into in our lives by doing anything which you love is going to really show in the emotions captured in my images. Being yourself is the best advice you can get from a wedding photographer.

w_4PP1553 w_6PP1707 w_6PP1743 Light house park engagement

I am already looking forward to create some unique wedding pictures for these guys and there is no doubt there is going to be a lot of fun with them and their bridal party. And if the wether will be the same like for this shoot then we hit the jackpot. Congratulations Heather and Adam and see you soon again.

w_6PP1611 w_6PP1622 Light house park engagement Light house park engagement w_4PP1664 w_4PP1716 w_4PP1791 Light house park engagement

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