Williams park Langley wedding

Williams park Langley wedding

w_6PP1515Adam + Heather Williams park Langley wedding day started with a rain. Despite a great summer in Vancouver this year, it was interesting to see that this was our 3rd rainy start of the wedding day this season. For the getting ready shots that is not a concern at all. Adam with his son Noah and groomsmen had an easy task. Simply being themselves so I could capture them who they were. Just to keep the atmosphere in a chilling mode, I simply worked with an window llight and no flashes for their portraits.

w_6PP1525 w_6PP1579 w_6PP1613 w_6PP1618 w_6PP1631 w_6PP1643 w_6PP1650 w_6PP1673 w_6PP1703 w_6PP1717 w_6PP1727 w_6PP1740 w_6PP1768 w_6PP1777 w_6PP1815 w_6PP1860

Ladies were getting ready next door so same approach with only natural light allowed me to capture their relaxed expressions once they got used to me being around them.w_6PP1906 w_6PP1915 w_6PP1992 w_6PP2013 w_6PP2034 w_6PP2060 w_6PP2069 w_6PP2152 w_6PP2200 w_6PP2227 w_6PP2265 w_6PP2276 w_6PP2369 w_6PP2397 w_6PP2485

The rain had stopped just couple minutes before we departed from the hotel to the Williams park in Langley. Things happen at the wedding on weekly bases. Here the grandma could not find the way to the park, so guys had a chance to hang around a bit longer. Ladies were waiting in nearby forest and once the granny got there the ceremony could start.
w_6PP6501 w_6PP6506 w_6PP6528 w_6PP6534 w_6PP6558 w_6PP6573 w_6PP6627 w_6PP6653 w_6PP6655 w_6PP6669 w_6PP6690 w_6PP6699 w_6PP6709

Williams park Langley weddingw_6PP6744 w_6PP6835

Short but very emotional, this is how I could describe it, and people hugging, kissing and congratulating to the newly weds were simply amazing to watch right after it.w_6PP6939 w_6PP6943 w_6PP6945 w_6PP6955 w_6PP6978 w_6PP7010 w_6PP7041 w_6PP7055 w_6PP7066 w_6PP7259 w_6PP7598 w_6PP7623 w_6PP7693 w_6PP7728

Family formals took a place under a nearby tree, and for creative bridal party session we walked through the park to search for the best light and cool backgrounds.w_6PP8058 w_6PP8094 w_6PP8223

It did not take us long time to find the bridges across the creek here, and I had a chance to climb a tree with help of the guys so some unique angles and perspective could be applied to my images.

Williams park Langley wedding Williams park Langley wedding w_6PP3036 Williams park Langley wedding Williams park Langley wedding w_6PP3097 Williams park Langley wedding

The reception was in Fort Langley hall, and evening late sun light combine with fun having crowds was a blast for a photographer to watch. Hanging around buddies, enjoying themselves couple was celebrating their big day with the loved ones.w_6PP8461 w_6PP8512 w_6PP8536 w_6PP8549 w_6PP8558 w_6PP8564 w_6PP8568 w_6PP8570 w_6PP8573 w_6PP8575 w_6PP8581 w_6PP8583 w_6PP8586 w_6PP8590 w_6PP8598 w_6PP8671 w_6PP8678 w_6PP8683 w_6PP8707 w_6PP8757 w_6PP8777 w_6PP8988 w_6PP9087 w_6PP9091 w_6PP9140 w_6PP9178 w_6PP9184 w_6PP9192

Williams park Langley weddingSmall mini stories is what weddings are about, and emotions at this wedding were so high, I have really enjoyed to candidly watch and capture them. Congratulations one more time Heather + Adam, and enjoy your trip across the Canada. Some of these great emotional shots will appear on our wedding website later this season.


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Scenic mountain helicopter wedding pictures

Scenic mountain helicopter wedding pictures

Scenic mountain helicopter wedding pictures

Hi Erin and Chad. Congratulations to you one more time. This is a sneak preview from your yesterday wedding day. Scenic, unique, wow style wedding pictures was something you brought us to me last year when your searched for a wedding photographer in Vancouver. I believe you had no idea what you were getting into when you chosen me to cover your Scenic mountain helicopter wedding pictures with Sky Helicopters yesterday. Since day one when you told me about the idea to get a helicopter somewhere in the middle of nowhere and shoot amazing scenery based portraits I was hooked. I hope Allan our pilot does not think I am a bit crazy, once he sees the shots we did when he took the door of the helicopter down for me when we did loops above your heads above Pigeon lake west of Goldean Ears peaks…Thanks Allan and thank you for your trust in us. Full post with the whole story will be live in couple weeks for you. JozefScenic mountain helicopter wedding pictures Scenic mountain helicopter wedding pictures Scenic mountain helicopter wedding pictures Scenic mountain helicopter wedding pictures

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Heron Bay stables wedding

Heron Bay stables wedding

Heron Bay stables wedding amazing outdoor location

Here is a full post from our Heron Bay stables wedding an amazing outdoor location not just for the ceremony but also for this kind of getting ready images. We had 40 minutes instead of 3 hours for the creative shoot but we managed to create some unique scenic images for this amazing couple. Thank you Teila + Pavlo for being so easygoing even though you had a heck of a dramatic wedding day behind…

Heron Bay stables wedding w_6PP2588 w_6PP2598 w_6PP2603 w_6PP2610

If you love stables, barns or grass field locations then Delta area is your destiny. We were amazed how beautiful it was here and completely shocked that we never heard about this awesome location before. Simply perfect choice for a wedding venue IMO. As you can see the details from the getting ready session are only with the bride and girls, guys were getting ready at different location quite a drive from this so we were commissioned to cover the bride only. Well I wish I had guys around here as well, would be worth it to compare if they could beat easy going, laughing full of fun ladies :)

w_6PP2682 w_6PP2701 w_6PP2747 w_6PP2769 w_6PP2877 w_6PP2657 w_6PP2938 w_6PP3081 w_6PP3101 w_6PP3117 w_6PP3144 w_6PP3154 w_6PP3186 w_6PP3215

I have mentioned at the beginning of the post a ” Dramatic wedding “. What happened is something I have never experienced in my life. The wedding commissionaire did not show up to the ceremony. You hear me right. Even worse, he did not even call. And when sweating groom was trying to call him he did not even answer the phone. No kidding! So here it is how great people save a wedding when they work together. People already seated outside on hot sunshine were asked to come and enjoy the cocktail party and snacks ready for after ceremony time :), bride, groom, parents etc all on the phones trying to reach anyone in neighbourhood who is legal wedding minister and could come to allow this amazing couple to say YES I DO … today! So they managed to reach an old family friend and she was close enough to manage to get to the location in an hour. Not bad, excellent! So here was the second seating for the ceremony and groom and best man could finally come out of the limo where they were hiding till now!


And, btw Pavlo you have great nerves to handle this the way you did… I do not know what I would do at my wedding day… Kudos to you and Teila.

w_6PP3297 w_6PP3343 w_6PP3312 w_6PP3365 w_6PP3384 w_6PP3403 w_6PP3407 w_6PP3411 w_6PP3431 w_6PP3497 w_6PP3526 w_6PP3532 w_6PP3536 w_6PP3972 w_6PP3986 w_6PP4025 w_6PP4027

Fairly quick ceremony, and family formals photo session let us to save 40 minutes for the creative bridal party shoot at the Boundary Bay park wedding. Superb location where we were supposed to spend 3 hours with original timeline. I can tell you, we managed in 40 minutes all what we wanted without being burn from the hot sun. Working under pressure also trigers creativity , I just hope this does not happen to our next couple again.
w_6PP4476 w_6PP4186 w_6PP4335 w_6PP4339 w_6PP4349 w_6PP4397 w_6PP4434 w_6PP4489

Heron Bay stables wedding

Heron Bay stables wedding amazing outdoor location

Heron Bay stables wedding

The opening ceremony to the reception was feeding each other with a bread and salt and bride and groom were allowed to put as much of salt as they wanted on it. You could tell Pavlo was a gentleman and he took one for the happy marriage. And the fun was all over the place the whole evening, you should see the speeches :) w_6PP4900 w_6PP5464 w_6PP5467 w_6PP5496 w_6PP5517

A priceless moment of the bride’s father to the best man speech. He was accused that he probably did not hear when his name was called to help move stuff around for final look. I think he listened very well based on his fast reaction to it :) w_6PP5522 w_6PP5546 w_6PP5560 w_6PP5564 w_6PP5566 w_6PP5578 w_6PP5642 w_6PP5693 w_6PP5909 w_6PP5957

The cake was absolutely perfect, and cutting it at the sunset could be better. I do not know how some people do it but we had some lucky couples when the nature just helped them at the wedding days and this was not exception.Heron Bay stables wedding Heron Bay stables wedding w_6PP6112 w_6PP6163

w_6PP6169 w_6PP6193

Great evening with many mini stories and we could keep posting these images for on and on… Btw, these are only shots from my camera with telephoto lens if you noticed. There is none image from my second camera with wide-angle lens on it yet. Why, well there was so many freaking cool moments captured I could not simply include all of them… maybe a second post coming later..? Surprise…
w_6PP6246 w_6PP6249 w_6PP6253 w_6PP6257 w_6PP6265 w_6PP6396

The first dance and iconic shot of the happily married couple at the stables with the red horizon wrap it for now. We absolutely enjoyed your company guys and it was our pleasure to cover your engagement and the wedding day. Congratulations one more time and bon voyage in your new life.. Jozef + Mariaw_6PP6297

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