Heron Bay stables wedding

Heron Bay stables wedding

Heron Bay stables wedding amazing outdoor location

Here is a full post from our Heron Bay stables wedding an amazing outdoor location not just for the ceremony but also for this kind of getting ready images. We had 40 minutes instead of 3 hours for the creative shoot but we managed to create some unique scenic images for this amazing couple. Thank you Teila + Pavlo for being so easygoing even though you had a heck of a dramatic wedding day behind…

Heron Bay stables wedding w_6PP2588 w_6PP2598 w_6PP2603 w_6PP2610 w_6PP2682 w_6PP2701 w_6PP2747 w_6PP2769 w_6PP2877 w_6PP2657 w_6PP2938 w_6PP3081 w_6PP3101 w_6PP3117 w_6PP3144 w_6PP3154 w_6PP3186 w_6PP3215




w_6PP3297 w_6PP3343 w_6PP3312 w_6PP3365 w_6PP3384 w_6PP3403 w_6PP3407 w_6PP3411 w_6PP3431 w_6PP3497 w_6PP3526 w_6PP3532 w_6PP3536 w_6PP3972 w_6PP3986 w_6PP4025 w_6PP4027

w_6PP4476 w_6PP4186 w_6PP4335 w_6PP4339 w_6PP4349 w_6PP4397 w_6PP4434 w_6PP4489

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Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony

Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony 

Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony_5PP8346

The most emotional wedding of this summer so far. This is how I would call this amazing day full of laughing, crying, screaming, dancing, celebrating. Amazing couple and great people around them made this day so awesome. A picture is worth more than a thousand you know what so here is just couple leads for you what you can see and the rest is in the images :)
w_5PP8348 w_5PP8352 w_6PP1522 w_6PP1534 w_6PP1575 w_6PP1557 w_6PP1582 Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony

Both Groom and the bride were getting ready at The Fairmont  hotel Vancouver downtown and the room were next to each other. Absolutely amazing planning which pleased the photographer a lot :) Classic, traditional and luxury premises offered a great picturesque start to the day. The overcast weather did some soft lighting for us so here are both parties one by one. And the wedding dress of course starts the girls part.

Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony w_6PP1704 w_6PP1742 w_6PP1784 w_6PP1915 w_6PP1799 w_6PP1876 w_6PP1907 w_6PP2005 w_6PP2000 w_6PP1952

The atmosphere was great since the very beginning and girls had a blast, while guys next door had a TV running with a Brazil World cup on. Who said weddings have to be all the same.

w_6PP1653 w_6PP1432 w_6PP1418 w_6PP1396 Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremonyFour brothers and the best man. You can already feel how the end of the day is going to end up – great fun reception party time for sure. Ladies and the flower girl looked stunning without any question.

w_6PP2022 w_6PP2049 w_6PP2041 w_6PP2072 w_6PP2201 Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremonyFairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony w_6PP2220 w_6PP2086 w_6PP1781 w_6PP1940The timeline of the day was a bit unusual, after getting ready we head out to Stanley park for the first look of the groom and the bride. Guess what started just 5 minutes after we parked the cars. You know Vancouver photographers watch one thing precisely, the weather. The rain simply gave us an amazing emotional first look ever and the raindrops could not stop these two guys from enjoying it…

Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony w_5PP8497 w_5PP8555 w_5PP8570 w_5PP8579 w_5PP8610 w_5PP8616 w_5PP8638

And if you think we changed the creative formals from outdoor to indoor wrong again. These guys lived the day with a great spirit and I am happy my cameras are weather sealed :)

w_5PP8776 w_5PP8791 w_5PP8804 w_5PP8805 w_5PP8845 Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony

And how about some ocean pictures and getting wet in a wedding dress before actual ceremony. Brave bride. And  really easy going groom. Guys you rocked the day with your determination and chilled attitude. Loved it.

w_5PP9440 w_5PP9446 w_5PP9452 w_5PP9454 w_5PP9519 w_5PP9525 w_5PP9549 w_5PP9571 w_5PP9589 w_5PP9581 Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony

Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony is the title of this post. Well the ceremony was in the late afternoon and the rain stopped as soon as we left park so we could enjoy this outdoor scenic yaletown venue without umbrellas.

w_5PP9922 w_5PP9935 w_5PP9944 w_5PP9948 w_5PP9955 Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony

Urban style of the roundhouse with lots of bricks gave the ceremony antique feeling and guests enjoying themselves emphasized amazing atmosphere.

w_5PP0005 Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony w_5PP0007 w_5PP0021 w_5PP0105 w_5PP0122 w_5PP0078 w_5PP0312 w_5PP0307 w_5PP0292

EMOTIONS. Without capturing them the wedding day would not be it. People crying, jumping or screaming from happiness. All that is good. This is the time for the paparazzi in me waking up and photograph and create unforgettable memories which will last forever.

w_5PP0200 w_5PP0208 w_5PP0221 w_5PP0548 Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony

Color or BW it all depends how I want to see the final print in the album for the couple. These kind of stories should be printed as an art pieces and hanged on the walls. I am already thrilled to create an album from this day just by looking at these images. Love my job.

w_5PP0558 w_5PP0813 w_5PP1062 w_5PP0980 w_5PP1038 w_5PP1245 w_5PP1250 w_5PP1355 w_5PP1297 w_5PP1330 w_5PP1211 w_5PP1214

We could go on and on with another hundreds great images from this day but I think there is already a handful number of them which gives you the idea what was going on throughout the day. Pure joy. I am so happy for Tamara and Taylor how they lived their wedding day and can not wait to see them once we deliver the final product for them. It was a hack of a ride guys, congratulations one more time and enjoy the husband and wife roller-coaster the way you handled this amazing day. Kudos to your whole family :)

Fairmont getting ready and Roundhouse ceremony

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Light house park engagement picnic

Light house park engagement picnic

Light house park engagement picnicThis the third couple this year who had chosen this location for an engagement session. What is different about Teila and Pavlo is how they came prepared for this shoot. Styling made this work so easily and I can not wait to shoot their wedding in 2 weeks.

w_5PP1626 Light house park engagement picnic

This could be an easily vintage style photo shoot but I wanted to have it more romantic with a bit of edgy style. The great scenery of the park shows up when the great light happens and we had a perfect evening for this. The clouds broke apart and golden hour took over the sky. What else could I wish for?


Light house park engagement picnicw_5PP1783 w_5PP1765 Light house park engagement picnic

Posing is  what people hate so much but on the other side they would love to look the way they see fashion models on the cover of the magazines. Well I did not need to do anything crazy to get these great gestures out of the couple. I simply told them be yourself, let them walk around the park directions which I chosen and stopped them couple times, just to break them apart for a split of a second and them get some amazing natural expressions from them when they were together again. Simple. And guess what. It works.

w_6PP5288 w_5PP1653 w_6PP5246 Light house park engagement picnic

Having fun is always on a checklist of every bride and groom. Who is supposed to have fun photographer or the couple. Both would be mine answer. If you can not enjoy shooting engagements then this probably should not be your field of work :) I simply love these short sessions. No pressure, creativity only sky is the limit what can be done and if the weather does not play nice way, we can always reschedule for free. But on this sunny day it would be a sin not to photograph. Amazing picturesque light.

w_5PP1923 w_5PP1975 w_5PP1986 Light house park engagement picnic

The sunset was so spectacular we were jumping from one rock to another, energy was high and what impact it had on all of us you can see here. Let the energy flow and be ready to get moments between the moments. I love capturing emotions. I sometimes wish I could shoot the whole day only photojournalistic. But my style of photography requires to approach the bride and groom from time to time and show them what I want from them so I can create an amazing album. A story they will remember forever.

w_5PP1993 w_5PP2001 w_5PP2009 w_5PP2023


The moments like these above are unforgettable. Shivers running down the spine. And when you can stay yourself the reward is an amazing image of you being you. That is what I want my clients to have. Images of themselves. People are beautiful and I simply love to be a part of big moments because my images make my clients happy, and that makes me happy in return.

Light house park engagement picnic

The sun was painting for us deluxe sceneries and even though I had my third shoot here this year, this lighting was without a doubt the best one. The time of the year matters and the angles we had the light falling on the light house and ocean around it was pretty cool. West Vancouver light house park simply rocks and I love to shoot here.

Light house park engagement picnic w_5PP2227 Light house park engagement picnic

You can see how the last rays of light kissed the couple and then the dusk took over. I shot most of the day with a long tele photo lens. It was a purpose not to be too close to them. I wanted them to breath and enjoy the moments without being too close all the time. And it worked amazing way. Guys just chilled out, walked around, kissed from time to time and most of all enjoyed each other.

Light house park engagement picnic Light house park engagement picnic Light house park engagement picnic

And when the clouds moved in the last bounce of light gave us beautiful sunset ending of a great evening. I wish all the weekends were like this but even a rainy day can be rewarding when you are ready for it. You will see in my next blog how the first look can look when the rain does not want to stop at Stanley park.

w_5PP2507 w_5PP2475

Congratulations to Teila and Pavlo and I am looking forward to be a part of your big day celebration. More images coming soon on our website.

Light house park engagement picnic

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